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Wax Pellets

SIBEL - Hot Depilatory Wax - All Skin Types - ALOE VERA - 1Kg Tub
SKU: SIB-7410448

SIBEL -  Depilatory Hot Wax - ALOE VERA - For all Skin Types - 1Kg Tub

No Waxing Strip Required :)

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WAX IT Chocolate Hot Wax Beads - 500g Bag
SKU: WAX2026

Wax It Chocolate hot wax beads for Brazilian & intimate waxing

Also known as Hard Wax, Peelable Wax, Flip Wax, Film Wax, Stripless wax.

Superb removal of strong and difficult hair. Ideal for Brazilian, intimate waxing & sensitive skin. Rich & smooth texture like warm chocolate.

  • Waxing Strips not required
  • Only melt the amount needed
  • Quicker startup than traditional wax
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Perfect for strong & stubborn hair
  • Skin can be pre-oiled for more comfortable waxing in delicate areas

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