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WAX IT Aloe Vera & Tea Tree Soft Wax - 450g Tub
SKU: WAX2004
  • Aloe Vera & Tea Tree Crème Wax
  • A best selling Wax suffused with Calming & Soothing Aloe Vera. Includes Tea Tree Essential Oil with naturally active Anti-Microbial properties
  • Aloe Vera re-hydrates & soothes skin
  • Natural antiseptic properties
  • Superior adhesion ideal for short hair

Our price: £4.66 (€6.33)
Market price: £5.59 , save 17%
WAX IT Aloe Vera soothing Gel - 500g Bottle
SKU: WAX1025

Wax It Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel with Peppermint Oil and Cucumber extract, moisturises as it calms & soothes. Use after waxing or any treatment where skin may have been irritated.

  • Popular skin soother
  • Easy to use flip-top tube
  • Fragrance free
  • Cools & calms the skin
  • Non-greasy
  • Cucumber & mint extract
  • Use after sun-bathing, electrolysis & galvanic treatments
  • Retail size

Our price: £3.37 (€4.58)
Market price: £4.24 , save 21%
WAX IT Chocolate Hot Wax Beads - 500g Bag
SKU: WAX2026

Wax It Chocolate hot wax beads for Brazilian & intimate waxing

Also known as Hard Wax, Peelable Wax, Flip Wax, Film Wax, Stripless wax.

Superb removal of strong and difficult hair. Ideal for Brazilian, intimate waxing & sensitive skin. Rich & smooth texture like warm chocolate.

  • Waxing Strips not required
  • Only melt the amount needed
  • Quicker startup than traditional wax
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Perfect for strong & stubborn hair
  • Skin can be pre-oiled for more comfortable waxing in delicate areas

Our price: £6.02 (€8.18)
WAX IT Heater - cool wall with thermostat, including carry bag
SKU: WAX2019

Wax It Wax Heater Proven performance with thousands sold. Perfect warmer for wax in pots, hard wax and paraffin wax. Compact & light it's a flexible asset for salons as a primary or back up heater. Supplied in an attractive Carry Case. Ideal for students & mobile therapists.

Locking protective cover

Cool touch walls

Removable container

Easy clean surface

Best value for money in the market

Includes heater collars and equipment cleaner Thermostatic control 2 Heat settings

This Product is fitted with a standard British 3 pin power plug. If using this product outside the UK you will need to replace the plug or use an adaptor.

Our price: £26.50 (€35.99)
WAX IT Heater Collars (pack of 50)
SKU: WAX2020

Wax It Heater Collars (pack of 50)

Heater Collars help limit wax spills

  • Limits wax spills on heater and surrounding areas
  • Helps to keep workspace clean & tidy
  • Reduce time spent on cleaning
  • Adjustable cuts to fit around most wax pots
  • Minimum pot size 95mm
  • Maximum pot size 108mm
  • Smart white finish on one side
  • Strong shrink wrap for safe merchandising in store
  • 50 collars to a pack

Our price: £2.34 (€3.18)
Market price: £3.25 , save 28%
WAX IT Heater Liner (Bucket)
SKU: WAX2022

WAX IT Heater Liner (Bucket)

Our price: £5.38 (€7.31)
Market price: £6.18 , save 13%
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Wax It Silkiness Oil with Vitamin E/ Olive/ Avocado/ Sweet Almond Oils 500ml
SKU: WAX2030

Silkiness oil is a light blend of Vitamin E, Olive, Avocado & Sweet Almond Oils formulated to leave the skin smooth and silky soft. Quickly and easily remove post wax stickiness Formulated to leave the skin smooth and silky soft after any waxing treatments. Easily remove post wax stickiness. Supplied in 500ml bottle.

Our price: £3.82 (€5.19)
WAX IT Waxing Strip - Pack of 100 Strips
SKU: WAX2008-01

Wax It Velvet paper waxing strips (pack of 100)

The paper strip that thinks it's fabric.
Soft feel strip that moulds like fabric to body contour.
Easier waxing of difficult areas. No fluff/residue.

Soft, velvet feel paper strips

Comfortable for client and therapist

Moulds to body contour like a fabric strip

Suitable for warm or creme waxes

Strong, tear resistant

Removes wax cleanly no fluff residue

Extremely economical to use

No bleed through

Sealed & protected in a quality shrink wrap

Our price: £1.56 (€2.12)
Quantity Out of stock
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